Trick to get high score in PTE Speaking (by sudeepai of ExpatForum with speaking score of 90)

I think it is best to be clear in what you speak. Record any practice attempts you make. Listen to it. Send it to some experts here and ask them to judge on what the mistake is. Often, people from the same country like friends and all have same speaking habits and cant judge properly.

Furthermore, take all notes while the retell lecture and other stuffs.

For the read out loud, be clear and confident. Speak with enthusiasm.

For the describe image, I followed my rule for giving out the following information only and it worked.

**Topic – 1 sentence on the topic. Make sure you paraphrase the topic and dont just say it as it is.
**Trend/axes – Say ” the x axis of the graph shows so and so and ranges from so and so while the y axis denotes so and so ranging from so and so.
**High – Speak about the highest value on the graph
** Low- Speak about the lowest
** Conclusion – Say a sentence on the conclusion if time is enough or else leave it.

This should do the trick. IT did for me.

Cheers and best of luck.


Ideal response structure of Describe Image question (from Sid_d) of expatforum

Start of as: the above figure / bar-chart / line-graph / picture /
Illustrates / portraits / Outlines / Depicts / Compares

1- Describe all the elements of the image
2- their relationship
3- possible development
4- conclusion
5- what it implies

How fast should you speak in “Read aloud”? (by basilmabraham of ExpatForum)

Speak at a pace that is comfortable for you and try to sound as natural as possible. I feel if you try to impose a speed that is not comfortable to you, it may do more harm than good. Speak clearly, legibly into the microphone. I do not think you should time the read aloud questions, there is always enough time to read the whole text with some time to spare. All the best. (p.307)

Must read about the Written Discourse grading (by sudeepdai of ExpatForum)

I think discourse is the way how a certain essay is written. Discourse could relate to formal or informal ways of writing. PTE looks for more formal writing since it is considered academic type of writing.

So the reason somebody could score low in discourse but high in writing as a whole could be that he/she wrote an essay that is strong content wise but maybe was written in a slightly informal way.

Words like “i think” , “we can” are informal ways of written discourses and would score low on the PTE written discourse section whereas “it would be wise to say” and other formal written forms would score high in the written discourse section. An essay with strong content would undoubtedly score high in written overall but the score on the written discourses would vary depeding upon your type of writing, formal or informal.

All in all, if you write formal english, you would score high ln written discourse and if you write informal you would score low. Written Discourse in its individual terms means the manner an essay is written.

These are all predictions though. Even i have no idea of telling what it exactly is.

Hope that helped.


sudeepdai (PTE – Academic Score: R-90 L-90 S-90 W-90 Overall – 90)


Umas of ExpatForum (actual PTE-A score: L73 R82 S83 W84)

Few thought on my experience with PTE-A test. In total, I prepared for 3 weeks. First one week I tried to understand the format of the test and randomly prepared for each section. At the end of the one week gave my first scored test to see a disappointing mark.

Test A score – 5th July

Listening – 60
Reading – 59
Speaking – 72
Writing – 56

But, this test made me to identify my weakness. I found, I am week in writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, my typing speed, reading, listening … i.e is to say almost every think.

w.r.t writing I thought, it is difficult to correct grammar in 15 days. So, concentrated more on my spelling and vocabulary.

w.r.t reading identified which all are the section that it tuff .. Like multiple choice, re-order para etc.

w.r.t – Again identified the tuff sections.

After 15 days of further preparation, gave my second test with some improvement.

Test B scores – 19th July

Listening – 66
Reading – 66
Speaking – 73
Writing – 63

Again, disappointed. Since, I had booked my test on 22nd decided to give a try. But, mean time took crucial decision about my writing.
Since, my typing speed was very low, I decided that I won’t write more than 210-215 words for essay and will make sure correct my spelling and vocabulary. I really did not bother about my grammar. I think, it really helped me in writing. Point about other section.

Read aloud – read the sentence aloud in the preparation time of 25 sec and correct difficult pronunciation if any. During recoding time repeat it again. So, you will read the sentence aloud twice.

Repeat sentence – Try to understand the meaning of the sentence. This will help you to repeat it.

Describe image – I did not pay attention to the content of my speech. I concentrated on pronunciation and fluency. I just read what was given in the picture. But, make sure to mention the low and high values in graph/pie chart.

Re-tell lecture – Understand the meaning of what speaker says. Write few words and based on what you write just construct a sentence and speak. Again, I did not bother about content, speak fluently.

Answer short question – this section was easy for me. Even if you don’t know the answer, pick some word from the question and say it.

Writing Summarize written text – I wrote about 45-50 words in one sentence. Use synonyms as much as possible.

Write essay – Wrote 210-215 words. Mainly, concentrated on my spelling and vocabulary.

Multiple-choice, choose single answer – Read only the question first and not the option.

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers – I was very tuff for me. I just guess here.

Re-order paragraphs – I got two questions. One was very easy and other was very tuff. I had a make a guess for the tuff one.

Reading: Fill in the blanks –
Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks –


Summarize spoken text – I wrote 65 words. Made sure not to write the same vocabulary used in writing section. Make note of few words from the speech and write.

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers –

Fill in the blanks –

Highlight correct summary –

Multiple-choice, choose single answer –

Select missing word –

Highlight incorrect words –

Write from dictation – Try to understand the meaning of the sentence.

Speak for about 35-38 seconds in the Describe Image (by sudeepdai of ExpatForum)

It is better to talk for about 35-38 seconds. This comes with practice.

Jot down what you want to say first. Elaborate as much as possible. Could be an old building or a new one. Talk about the background of the image. Then what building as a symbol means. It means rigid tall structures symbolising strength. Maybe even say if it is a concrete or steel building. I am pretty sure there will be ample information to be dug out from the image. Usually the images are so produced that you can say a lot about it.

Make sure you prepare notes beforehand. This will help in fluency and content. Practice brainstorming about the picture a few times and you will start getting the feel of it and eventually will get comfortable and much better with it.



PTE – Academic Score: R-90 L-90 S-90 W-90 Overall – 90


Score 90 in Writing by basilmabraham of ExpatForum

I got a 90 in writing. I had to write two essays. The structure I followed was

1. First paragraph with 1 or 2 sentence introduction. One part about the topic itself. Second part about my opinion on the topic, if it was asked in the essay topic.

2. Second paragraph with 3 to 4 sentences explaining the topic and my view point.

3. Third paragraph with 3 to 4 sentences quoting an example and reiterating my view.

4. Fourth paragraph with 1 or 2 sentences concluding the topic and my view point.

No spelling mistakes, no grammatical errors, usage of not so common words etc.

Hope this helps.

(p. 307)