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“Hello guys
I’m really glad to share my good experience with PTE- academic
I had given Ielts 5 or 6 times but haven’t been able to score 7 each
Most of the time I scored less in writing 6 or 6.5 never more than that
Speaking was also 6.5 or 7
but writing and reading was above 8

However, I was pretty disappointed with my ielts score last time. I was expecting 7 and above in speaking and writing although I was in doubt regarding my reading.
However, the result was speaking 6.5 and writing 6 only and remaining above 8
Then i decided to book PTE exam as I read that most of the guys in the forum are having a great success in this exam.
I practiced offline tests and some other exams online

During the PTE exam i feel that the exam was pretty tough as you have to remember and respond quickly especially at speaking portion.
At the end, I feel I didn’t perform better to score 65 each= (7 in IELTS)
However, today I was surprised to see my result as I scored
L- 69, R- 79, S-71, and especially writing- 75 which was my weak point in the IELTS

In a nutshell, I feel PTE-academic is definitely easier to score, however, you may feel difficulty answering some questions.

Now, I would strongly suggest everyone to book this test rather than IELTS”



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