Tips by nicemathan of ExpatForum

Re-order paragraphs
This item type assesses reading skills. It requires you to be familiar with the organization and links between ideas in academic texts and arrange text boxes in a single correct order.

Item Type Strategies

Strategy 1
Quickly and quietly read the content of the text boxes to yourself. While you are reading, listen for one text box that sounds complete by itself and is clear on its own. This sentence is likely be the most logical introduction to the paragraph or topic.

Strategy 2
Once you have identified the introduction or topic sentence, quietly read the remaining boxes to yourself again to listen to how they sound together. While you are reading, look for language patterns that will help you identify a sequence. Check the language patterns in each box to confirm your sequence (i.e., use of connectives, use of indefinite articles forfirst reference, definite articles for further reference, use of pronouns, etc).

Strategy 3
Quietly read the boxes to yourself in the order that you have sequenced them. This will help you check whether the sentences run smoothly from one to the other, and whether the passage makes sense and sounds logical and correct as a whole.



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