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“Hello people! I’m happy to share the good news with you! My target was 79/90 in each section, and the following are my scores:-

Listening – 89
Reading – 82
Speaking – 88
Writing – 82

That means, I end up on 65 points and hence become eligible for the subclass 189 Visa! This is a big relief, after the fraudulent IELTS had completely destroyed my confidence. I completed my exam around 2:30 pm yesterday, And I was surprised to find that my results were out at 9:15 am today (especially because it is a Sunday)!

I’m really grateful to many members of this forum who provided their valuable inputs and gave me new hope after my IELTS disaster. Special thanks to Mr Sriram who even went as far as to help me out over the phone.

Feel free to send me a personal message on this site, if you need any assistance or information regarding PTE-A.”



“I just returned home after completing the exam, and would like to share my experience for the benefit of the community.

I took the exam at Chopras, Bangalore. The scheduled time was 10:30, and the exam started around 11am after the initial formalities were complete. There were 6 candidates taking the exam, including myself. The equipment provided (headphone/mic, PC etc.) were satisfactory.

Let me describe my experience in each section:-

1) Speaking – I felt this section was slightly tough, but then I have always had issues with the ‘describe image’ and ‘re-tell lecture’ questions. I believe I made a few grammatical and tense-related errors while answering these two types of questions. I also made a few awkward pauses while speaking. And I ran out of time while answering one ‘retell’ lecture question, so my speech ended abruptly. But I did make sure all (or most) of the key points were reproduced. The only reason I made mistakes, was due to the time pressure. I also wrongly answered one question where we are supposed to give short answers. This is one section I’m slightly worried about, but i was told that the computer evaluation is quite lenient for speaking. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, I should be able to achieve my target score of 79. If any of you have scored over 79 in speaking even after you thought you hadn’t performed that well, please let me know. Also, in spite of there being 5 other candidates in the same room, I didn’t face any major difficulties with concentration during this section.

2) Writing – The writing section was pretty much standard fare. I had 2 ‘summarize essay’ questions, which were easy. I also had 2 ‘write essay’ questions. The topic for one of them was something related to the effects of mass media on youngsters, and the other one asked me to write about pollution control. I managed to complete these tasks within the time and word limit. I did have a few issues with the spelling. It is quite easy to accidentally misspell some words while typing, so make sure you have at least 1 minute left after writing your essay, for checking your spellings. In spite of checking, I feel there may still be some spelling errors. But I’m reasonably confident of scoring over 79 in this section.

3) Reading – Now this section was a walk in the park. It was much easier than I expected. Again, all the questions were standard ones. Nothing tricky. One question related to ‘rearrange sentences’ was slightly misleading, but not too much. I’m totally sure of scoring above 79 in reading.

4) Listening – This section was of easy to moderate difficulty. The ‘multiple choice, choose multiple answers’ questions were quite tricky, especially due to the negative marking for such questions. Apart from these, the remaining questions were quite fine. In this section as well, I’m reasonably sure of scoring 79 or above.

Now I’m awaiting the results, which I’m likely to get on Tuesday or Wednesday (due to the weekend). I was pulling my hair out with frustration after getting my ILETS results. Hopefully PTE-A should bail me out. In the worst case scenario that I fail to secure 79 in each section, at least I am confident of getting this score in the next attempt. Not like ILETS where people can struggle even after 4 or 5 attempts, that too just to secure 7.0 in each section.

Please feel free to send me a personal message if you need any specific information regarding my exam experience. Posting on this thread should be fine as well, but I don’t check the thread too frequently.”





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  1. I tried PTE Online Scored Test A. I found it very very very difficult. I guess, still I have not reached to the level of 65 scoring.

    Can u address me in my problem? I am sure hundreds of students would have been struggling with the same problem.

    Speaking section of test was very fast. I can not find out when is the last question for the particular task type. While going through Task Type 1, I can not figure out when will be the last read aloud passage. I click “Next’ button in anticipation of next reading aloud passage, but suddenly, computer system starts speaking. And, before I realize that Task Type 1- Read Aloud has already ended and Task Type 2 – Repeat Sentence has started, I already lost 1st sentence and could not produce any answer due to lack of time to prepare my mind for the change in task type.

    Than I keep going answering all repeat sentence tasks , and, click ‘Next’ button for next sentence, all in sudden, diagram appears on screen. Before I realize that Task 2 has ended and Task Type 3- Describe Image has started, over 10 seconds has already passed, giving me not enough time to produce good (or any) answer to describe image due to panic. The whole task goes in such way.

    I click ‘Next’ button in anticipation of next Image, but without any notification, computer starts its speech. I used to loose initial 10-12 seconds lecture (Task Type 4) due to fast delivery of test, and could not understand what was the topic of the lecture which affect my response negatively in Re-tell lecture.

    Same thing happens with Task Type 5, I do not get when will be the last lecture, and Task Type -5 Answer Short question starts. I could not listen 1st question properly because my mind was not ready for change in task type.

    Can u help me to sort out this problem??? Plz….Plz…Plz…. I am toooooo scared now for my test…


    • Hi Sapin,

      You may review the McMillan one and it will give you an overview about the order of exam questions and the average of how many items are there for every question type.

      In addition to that, it is very important to keep calm and relax during the entire exam. Panicking due to time pressure is also one of the hurdles being encountered by most examinees. Just make yourself familiarize with all question types and you’ll surely be ready for it when you sit on your exam.

      Good luck!


      • Hi,
        I did give the exam on 27 August 2015 , @chopras Unfortunately I din get 79 in all bands.
        L:90, W:80, R:68, S:77. Could you pls provide some tips n links on reading. For others too if u ve links pls share. Reading was the toughest part for me. Can I buy the books recommended by Pte academic


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