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After donating few 10Ks to IELTS charity foundation; (which actually doesnt do any charity of any sort) finally, I have cleared one of the major hurdle in this VISA process.

The time and effort and stress spent on IELTS could have been used somewhere else (8 months & 3 attempts). Missed out on several family functions, friends gather-up, was preparing again and again but end result was without improvement especially for writing. How on earth I got 6.5 in IELTS even after three attempts, even after making hell lot of changes as per their requirement. In PTE-A, my writing score is 88/90.

My target was 65 marks nothing more nothing less.

With assistance from this thread and few forum members I was able to get the pending 10 points from English proficiency to reach 65 points, which will make me eligible to apply for 189.


Listening : 81
Reading : 79
Speaking : 70 (May be, I didn’t describe the graphs and images properly)
Writing : 88

Now, have to set my sights on how to apply for EOI.

Thanks a lot to Vijendra for starting this thread at a timely manner and hats-off to all the contributors.

Keep up the same work, so that we could save lot of innocent folks who might fall prey to PENCIL & PAPER test.


Too much head time needed to book a slot. Atleast 2 months ahead in major cities.
They release the results after several weeks. 3-4 weeks.
Correction is subjective, which is their major tool to reduce marks for candidates in speaking & writing areas
There is rumor doing around that they purposefully reduce marks in one of the section especially under GENERAL exam category. (May be that’s the reason DIAC looked to add additional testing format like PTE-A which is fully automated)



One thought on “nicemathan of ExpatForum

  1. Hi,
    I need a score of 79 in all bands, Could you please let me know how you cracked reading? I got only 68. Please provide some useful links for reading and speaking


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