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After , 4 IELTS y and 1 Toefl try, I met the Aussie English Requriement of Proficient English. It was the PTE-A that helped me.
In IELTS, I had terrible problem with writting . It was always 6.5, while others were consistent 7-7.5
TOFEL was good , I missed in writing with 3 point. I got 24 , instead of 27.

In PTE, I prepared with boosters and Online test. It gave me positive result, and on real test . I scored
L82,R78,S77,W78. It was great one.

My Analysis of the PTE and other test :
In IELTS and TOEFL , they sum up the individual scores to get to overall score. But, the PTE-A works on distribution of scores. Hence, I feel, if you have overall score of 7-7.5 in IELTS or 98-101 in TOEFL. The PTE-A will be great help as overall score is distributed evenly.
It is just my analysis.



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