Tips by nicemathan of ExpatForum

Re-order paragraphs:

I got a bit easier stuff. While practicing I struggled big time in this section. Also this section, if I am not wrong has more marks under direct reading section. Strategy would be to identify the topic sentence and they just follow the flow of the message this para is trying to convey. Got three questions in this sections. Couple of questions with four sentences to be placed in order and one question with just three sentence to order. Hopefully, I have done all of them correctly. Pretty straight forward, if you identify the topic sentence. OK, what is a TOPIC sentence? Sentence which can stand alone and looks like a statement then having some kind of reference or relation to other sentence in the given list. Sometimes a concluding sentence would also sound similar; however, major difference b/w topic and concluding sentence is that conclusion sentence try to recommend or predict or draws a conclusion.


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