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Hi All,

I just received my result today. Overall 72 and S/R/W/L 65/70/82/71. It is very encouraging as I took IELTS twice any have not get 7 in Writing, and had not known how to improve Writing in IELTS.
I have also taken PTE practice scored test which I received bad result overall 59 only. I spent almost 2 weekend days reviewing the test structure and got the expected scores 🙂

I think the real test was not very difficult. The most important thing is staying focus. I missed 2 questions for reading due to time constraint, then I was trying to complete Listening part on time. To some extent, my real test was easier than the practice one especially for re-arrange paragraph where I had only 3 paras for each and answer short questions where I had pictures on screen to see. Writing is much easier than ielts, just follow the structure, check your spelling and number of words.

Best Wishes.


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