Sky_the_limit of ExpatForum

Congratulations bro ….

I had more or less the same , As you said i have donated more than 2000 USD to IELTS plus no social life YET….. i was always scoring 8 & 7.5 in all except for Writing stays at 6.5 !!!

THANKS to everyone in this forum ,i came to know about PTE and found links to the study material which helped me.

Yesterday i took PTE Academic which was really difficult …… but i was the only one sitting there ….. to spare the embarrassment

Didn’t finish my Reading test ..i didn’t pay attention to the time at all ………!!! it was always 8 or even 8.5 in IELTS

Today early morning, shockingly , i got my results

Listening : 70
Reading : 66
Writing : 77
Speaking : 79

Finally I’m clear ……….. which took me 8 months with IELTS !! plus the humiliation of not able to clear an English test !!


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