Tips by oz_vj of ExpatForum

Following are my guidelines
Retell lecture :Close your eyes and focus on the sentence spoken. It is one sentence only. U have 10 Secs to Speak. That’s the hard need to remember for 10 secs.

Listening summarize : It tests your notes taking ability. Unlike, Toefl IBT , the sentences are about 90 Secs. So, take all the points in short forms,do not concentrate on spellings while taking notes.
Next, you have 10 mins to write. Check your notes , write key points. Plan for 3 mins. Write 60 words in 5 mins and revise 2 mins. check spelling and grammar.

Essay: As I mentioned before, most of the essay types are argumentative or persuasive types. So , take any IELTS or TOEFL essays and practice . Now, to write between 200-300 words.
50 Words Introduction, 75 words Para1,75 words para 2, 50 Conclusion . You can juggle between word count in Intro and conclusion. The timings – 3 Mins planning , 7 Mins Intro and Para 1, 7 Mins para 2 and Conclu and finally 2-3 Mins revision. Hence, typing speed (around 30 WPM) and thinking English is utmost important.



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