Tips by svscdr of ExpatForum

I think the following format that I’ve followed for “Describe images” has helped me..

1. Overview about the graph/map/process.. I.e, to paraphrase the heading of the image and what it is trying to convey..

2. Highlight the major/evident point first.. i.e, if there is a line chart for 2 different category wherein 1 has more larger revenue/percentage, then I would state that as “During the year, Category 1 has generated much greater revenue when compared to Category 2”.. something like this..

3. To highlight other key points based on priority.. but there is no time to add all details.. For example in a process diagram… I used 1 long sentence and covered all other key process areas.. The example that I had for process diagram was to generate paper from tree after being through different key cycles..

4. The last important point that I would say is an conclusion/implication of the diagram.. For example when there is a graph that shows garbage waste collected and recycled for a particular year, then I would say… “As there was always a rise seen throughout the year on the collection of garbage, it is expected to rise in the next year too and hence people would need to think ways for reducing the garbage….” something like this..

Although I tried following the above points, I was not too correct to follow all of them in entirety.. I think it is ok to make minimal mistakes which I’m sure I had made all through… I did not expect to score 90 in speaking and I was surprised to see the score myself


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