Speak for about 35-38 seconds in the Describe Image (by sudeepdai of ExpatForum)

It is better to talk for about 35-38 seconds. This comes with practice.

Jot down what you want to say first. Elaborate as much as possible. Could be an old building or a new one. Talk about the background of the image. Then what building as a symbol means. It means rigid tall structures symbolising strength. Maybe even say if it is a concrete or steel building. I am pretty sure there will be ample information to be dug out from the image. Usually the images are so produced that you can say a lot about it.

Make sure you prepare notes beforehand. This will help in fluency and content. Practice brainstorming about the picture a few times and you will start getting the feel of it and eventually will get comfortable and much better with it.



PTE – Academic Score: R-90 L-90 S-90 W-90 Overall – 90



2 thoughts on “Speak for about 35-38 seconds in the Describe Image (by sudeepdai of ExpatForum)

  1. Hi,
    First of all congrats on the super score.
    I would want to know how to score better? I need an 8 in all bands and this is the first time i m taking PTE academic. My weak areas are
    1. Re-tell lecture – Should it be a summary of what is spoken or should i list all the keywords provided in the lecture?
    2. Summarize spoken text – Same issue here.
    3. Summarize given text – Main problem here is i do not get the idea at all many a times and is using the words provided in the para ok or we need to use other words which have the same meaning?
    4. Re-order paragraph – I get everything wrong here
    5. Describe image – Hardest part, i fumble a lot i speak as though i m explaining it to fellow frd of mine.

    Please help. My confidence level is very low since i m lagging in all these.


    • Hello Meghna, thorough familiarization of the exam format and anticipating the time pressure when taking the exam are very crucial in achieving excellent scores in PTE.
      For your questions:
      1. Ideally, it should be a summarized of all the relevant keywords. You have to avoid repeating the same vocabularies. If you do not know any similar terms, then you could also try to explain the word itself. In speaking, fluency and pronunciation of the words are very important. You don’t need a perfect grammar here.
      2. Same except that you have to mind your grammar and try use complex sentences when writing your response.
      3. Main topic is usually written on the beginning paragraph and they are repeated all over the texts. They may enumerate other similar ideas on other paragraphs so check if they could qualify as examples, situations, etc of the topic sentence. I’ll try create a sample for that.
      4. There is a very good discussion of this in the youtube channel of Pearson. I have posted it here on the blog as well. Check out the useful website page or the page for reorder paragraphs
      5. Keep reading IELTS ACADEMIC TASK 1 under IELTS EXAM NET. They are very useful and it will give you an idea on how you could approach to answer certain images/graphs.

      Read the PTE Success Stories. Many almost gave up but they pursued and finally got their desired scores quicker than IELTS could offer..

      Good luck!


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